UX & Interface Design

Aesthetics put on the spot:
Webdesign that conveys information playfully through a clear and concise presentation.

User Interface Design

for web applications, mobile apps and web shops

More than good looking

Good webdesign is a real multi talent. It takes different target audiences, user types and usage scenarios into account while not omitting its core task: To convey information to the user purposefully and in semantic perfection.

Bricks to your success

We put great emphasis into excellent usability and user experience. It's important for us to communicate the core message of an application clearly and to continue the brand strategy of our customers online. Because experience has shown: The user interface is a key contributor to the overall success of a web project.


When on- and offline merge seamlessly

Corporate Online Branding

Corporate Online Branding

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Especially on the internet, where the next competitor is just a few clicks away. Consequently, it is of great importance for us to continue the brand and corporate strategy on the web.

Both corporate and product branding: We set high priority in creating seamless transitions between online and offline brand environments. Thus, high brand integrity generates trust and security, which reflects directly in terms of conversions.

Usability & UX

Please, don't make me think!

Enchanting applications

User interfaces must be intuitive and easily to be learnt. Through excellent usability, customer demands are satisfied and support costs are reduced. The user experience (UX) enhances usability with aesthetic and emotional components. These range from a visual appealing design and confidence-building measures to emotional elements and a greater joy of use :)

Depending on project requirements, we utilize various methods during the design process: From mockups, wireframes and prototypes to A/B testing and online usability tests. Simultaneously, we follow a comprehensive approach, which takes the whole user experience into account. That's how we build applications with that certain extra something that enchants your customers.

Usability & User Experience Design


for a smooth running design process

Information architecture

From features to navigation concept: Defining the foundation of your application.

Use case diagrams

User journey par excellence: Planning and visualizing user interactions.

Wireframes & mockups

Designing effectively with wireframes and mockups.

Responsive Design

Webdesign, that works on every unit – for a perfect cross device experience.


Testing interactions before programming a single line of code.

Atomic Design

Code refactoring the easy way: Pattern libraries for universal use.

Interface Manuals

Consistent user interfaces – without designing every single pixel.

Usability testing

Meaningful insights revealed cost effectively.

Interface optimization

Gaining customers & reducing support costs through continuous improvement.

Interface Consulting

design processes shaped individually

Easy and intuitive handling, clear user guidance: The interface is a crucial success factor for every web application. Whether it's rapid prototyping, usability testing or lean UX, we consult and support your design and development team concerning usability and user experience issues.


  • Usability testing
  • Interface optimization
  • Lean UX
  • Use flow charts
  • Interactive wireframes
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Pattern libraries
  • Interface manuals