The Client

Fruit and vegetables, delivered by the shortest route from farmer to client.
Without detour via store or interim storage. So fresh and crisp like freshly harvested. That's the promise of the online shop "Johanna vom Feld". As special treat for customers in Graz and surroundings, orders until noon are delivered on the same day. According to the principle: Convenient online shopping to enjoy healthy products.

The Project

Fresh, modern, close to nature. These characteristics are communicated by the custom shop design for "Johanna vom Feld". Again, for this project, the Shopware Professional Edition proved effective: Due to the integrated Shopware premium plugins, we were able to provide numerous functions efficiently. From storytelling and custom discount campaigns to abo commerce for "Johanna's Fruit & Vegetable Basket".

Same-Day-Delivery: Order until noon and get your fresh fruit and vegetables at the same day. For vomfeld.at, we developed a custom Shopware module, which categorizes orders and transfers them to the product management system. Of course, weekends and holidays are taken into account by an intelligent algorithm.

The product management is provided by the Shopware ERP "Pickware". Pickware is seamlessly integrated into the online shop and enables easy and efficient commissioning. This way, all orders are delivered correctly and in time.

Project Details

  • Screendesign
  • Frontend development Shopware theme
  • Shopware setup & plugin configuration
  • Integration & design of Shopware "Shopping Worlds"
  • Development Shopware module for same day delivery
  • Implementation Shopware ERP "Pickware"