The Client

P5 – The Master Class. This is the slogan under which the South Tyrolean printer manufacturer Durst initiates a shift in paradigm concerning large format print. Thanks to the new P5 technology, large-scale and single unit productions can be produced cost effectively. Consisting of new generation printers and an individually developed software workflow, the P5 represents unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and outstanding printing quality.

The Project

With the P5, the well-known machine design of Durst, originally developed by legendary design icon Ottl Eicher, was re-interpreted. This evolution in design had to be transferred to the user interface of the printer control software as well. This was successfully achieved through the reduction to a minimalistic interface, the integration of an elegant, dark color palette and by emphasizing highlights in the color of the corporate design.

P5 stands for the perfect combination of hardware and software. The printer software is controlled through a high-resolution touch screen, with melts seamlessly into the machine body. The central success factor of the P5, the combination of printer and software workflow, is therefore conveyed into the interface design.

In the course of the product launch, the usability of the existing software was completely reengineered to meet the requirements of a swift, error reducing machine operation on a touch screen. The software suite is complemented by remote functions that summarize the performance parameters of multiple devices in one central application for smartphone and desktop. The new interface successfully contributes to maximizing the performance and availability of the printer system and ensures unprecedented flexibility.

Project Details

  • Wireframes
  • UX & Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Interface Consulting