Our Philosophy

For us, economic and ethical actions are inseparable.
That's why we commit ourselves to the following principles:

10 Principles

honestly believed


Our company is unique

Our company gives us space to be creative and undertake new adventures. We love innovation and desire to explore new paths. We embrace change, as it gives us the freedom to unfold and fulfill ourselves. We experience fun and joy in our daily work. As a result, we surpass all expectations on a regular basis.


Trust allows us to achieve more

Openness and honesty are key values for a successful, long-term collaboration. We are friendly and loyal and foster respectful, honest relationships with our team, our customers and our partners. These values are also taken for granted when interacting with our counterparts. We are always happy to learn about new perspectives and ways of thinking.


Perfection is our constant companion

When working on our projects, we are passionate, persistent and determined. Usually, the devil is in the details, so we put extra attention on those. Quality, technical excellence, carefulness and accuracy are the foundation of our work. We adapt new technologies enthusiastically. Given the right relation between efficiency and excellence, we achieve the best results for our customers.

Philosophy of the internet advertising agency in Upper Austria

We grow with new tasks

Every project allows us to create something completely new and unique. We do not back off from tasks that seem to be difficult or impossible. We wish our projects to be perfect. For us, that's the special appeal of a task. We understand innovation as recurring cycle and improve ourselves constantly – in everything we're doing. We address errors openly and learn from them. As a result, our projects become more efficient, better and more beautiful.


We breathe excellent customer service

That's why we stick to our statements and bind ourselves to deadlines. We put ourselves into the shoes of our customers and try to learn their working methods and philosophy. We offer input and encouragement, are friendly and empathizing. "No" or "that's not possible" are never satisfying answers. We take ideas and proposals into account and find new ways to make them possible. Consequently, together with our customers, we achieve great results.


we're proud of our work

We treat our fellow human beings and our environment with respect. We stand behind our customers and their products and are honored to be part of a successful concept. This is the reason why we only accept projects that comply with our philosophy. We are convinced: Passion, happiness and satisfaction only unfold when one is able to be proud on one's work.

Values of the advertising agency near Salzburg / Austria

As a team, we master every challenge

We support each other, improve our strengths and work on our deficiencies consistently. We learn from each other, as humans and as professionals. We consider ourselves family, always have an open ear for each other's problems and surpass ourselves as a team. We are fair and don't take advantage of our fellow humans - neither emotionally nor materially. Our customers are also part of our family, that's why they meet the same requirements.


We are dedicated to fair partnership

We treat our partners fair and provide our knowledge, professionalism and passion. We treat our partner's projects like they were our own, foster an honest, open dialog and are happy about our partner's success. For us it's important that our partners share our values and treat their customers and employees with respect.

Nature & environmental protection: ethical values regarding web design and web development

We teasure our environment

We understand it as a privilege to be living in a healthy environment. As a result, we try to save resources and protect the nature. Even small steps lead to success. We promote sustainability and try to reduce our waste output. We obtain energy from alternative energy sources and support companies that share our values. Only riding our cars is one thing that we could not give up (yet).


We are diverse

We detest egalitarianism and monotony. We're not simply following, but active unconventional thinkers and innovators. We appreciate and respect everyone's unique personality and are happy to live in a diverse, versatile society. In our opinion, every human being is equally important and valuable. That is why we dissociate ourselves from hatred, discrimination and marginalization. We are convinced that only together we can reach greatness.