We help bring music sheets to musicians, tools to craftsmen and advertising campaigns to the right place.
While doing so, we put the user into the center of our attention.

Our Vision

We are inventors, explorers and adventurers.

We live for the sparkle in the eyes of our customers and the moment when strategy and innovation unite into something magic.

Projects with the danger of addiction

Web Applications & Online Shops that fulfill user needs perfectly. With easily accessible informations where no question is left open, so intuitive and easy that it's real fun using them. And a little addictive. That's our goal.

Projects that are enchanting

We connect strategic thinking with goal-oriented, aesthetic design and modern technology. We combine the spirit of innovation with creativity. In a cooperative dialogue, we create projects through which our customers get more successful. And that enchant their visitors. That's our way.

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Always an open ear for your ideas

Bernhard Ertler - Web Development & Programming

 Bernhard Ertler

 Software Engineering, Web Development

Technical competence and creativity. Two contrasts, that are Bernhards greatest strength. His long-time romance with everything that's cryptic, complicated and incomprehensible for "non dev's" started during his teenage days and was deepened during his informatics studies. Thanks to creativity and inventive talent, Bernhard transforms complicated requirements into easy to use, comfortable, updatable and expandable solutions.

For complete happiness, Bernhard also needs a little action. As soon as the first snowflakes are falling, the passionate skier unpacks his racing skis. In summer he loves to ride his downhill bike in the mountains surrounding Mondsee.

Areas of Expertise

  • Conception & Consulting
  • Web Development
  • Server Architecture
  • Interfaces & APIs
Janina Skibba - Screendesign & Interface Design

 Janina Skibba

 UX & Interface Design, Frontend Development

Design and programming are not necessarily a contradiction. Through the combination of both disciplines, Janina works at the transition areas from creativity to engineering. Completed by a supplementary study of public relations and brand communication, screen designs and user interfaces come into being that put the user into the center of attention, communicate core messages clearly and that are both aesthetic and intuitive to handle.

When Janina does not dwell in the realm of UX design, usability and frontend development, the music enthusiast travels from rock to metal concerts and tries, equally passionate and unsuccessfully, to learn how to play the guitar.

Areas of Expertise

  • Conception & Consulting
  • UX & Interface Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Frontend Development

Our Clients

Companies we hold dear

We really like our customers. We stand behind the companies we work for and put our hearts passion into their projects. We love change and are happy that our customers are scattered across Europe.